Course Structure

With Over 15 Years of Higher School Certificate Dance teaching experience and exceptional HSC dance student accolades; Katelyn Boshell and The Dance Tank offers students the opportunity to pursue their passion of dance through their secondary Higher School Certificate studies. The external and/or distance education option enables students a high quality education while achieving the required NESA standards and outcomes. The 2 Unit Preliminary and HSC Dance Course is a subject that counts towards students university entrance rank if desired.


Students may undertake the course if their school is unable to run or offer the HSC 2 Unit Dance Course or the course does not aligned with a student’s school timetable.

The External and Distance Education Preliminary and HSC Dance course is available to accelerated Year 10 students and Year 11/12 students.

External study of the 2 Unit Stage 5, Preliminary and HSC Dance Course is permitted and supported by NSW schools and NESA employing the NESA External Tutor Code.

Students can learn through different and individualised learning strategies of;

  • External Face-To-Face HSC Dance Lessons,
  • Distance Education Stream,
  • Year 9 & 10 Stage 5 External/ Distance Education Course with HSC Acceleration

Students can choose one of the above learning formats or construct a combination to suit their timetable and schooling situation.

2 Unit HSC Dance Course Structure

All learning formats cover the NESA Australian Curriculum of Dance consisting of Performance, Composition, Appreciation and Technology.

Performance: Practical lessons focusing on the elements of Safe Dance Practice through Dance Technique (building students’ anatomical and technical performance ability) and Performance Quality through specifically choreographed Core and Major Performance examination works.

Composition: Students are taken through the choreographic process to develop their own Core and/or Major Composition examination piece/s.

Appreciation: Theoretical/ written component which students learn to understand key terminologies and appreciate dance as an artform. Students will be required to learn to analyse choreographic works performed and created by influential choreographers and dance companies for their written examination.

Course Structure and Content?

The Dance Tank provides a magnitude of different flexible learning and teaching strategies. These consist of the external tutoring course, distance education stream and Stage 5 – Year 9-10 Dance Course or Year 10 HSC Acceleration Course.

face to face

HSC External
Face-To-Face Course

Students attend an external weekly class in South Sydney taught face-to-face by principal teacher Katelyn Boshell. These classes comprise of all aspects of performance, composition, appreciation and examination preparation required for the 2 Unit HSC Dance Course.

distance education

HSC Dance Distance Education Course

Students are provided and taught all necessary HSC Dance content via a multitude of electronic and virtual distance education learning platforms. Students have weekly virtual face-to-face interaction with their teacher and other external students. There is also the option for recorded content for learning flexibility to suit all students weekly timetable.

accelerate course

Stage 5/Year 9-10 Dance Course & HSC Dance Accelation

The Dance Tank allows Year 9 and 10 dance students to complete the Stage 5 dance course externally or through distance education. Students in Year 10 can also be accelerated to commence the Preliminary HSC Course in Year 10. This option is subject to the dancer’s physical dance experience and school approval but is an extremely favourable option.